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The story of Tikva is a family story

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The story of Tikva is a family story

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CBD Myo-Inositol Tablets

"I have suffered with panic & anxiety disorder for the last decade and subsequently been prescribed various medications by my Doctors over the years. The use of this product has allowed me to taper my physically damaging prescribed medication with fantastic results. Mentality calming while allowing me to be more active as there are no debilitating side affects. Amazing and one of the best CBD products I have tried to date."


CBD Relief Cream

"I have used many CBD creams for relief from double hip replacement surgery and Tikva Health is the best I have used, it was immediate relief for when my joints tighten up. Highly recommend. My wife also used it for her neck and she also experienced immediate relief."
Louis R.


CBD Relief Cream

"I originally bought a 100mg can of the cream from my acupuncturist. To my amazement, I found that it DID actually help my chronic back pain from both sciatica and a bad spinal injury. While my acupuncturist has moved on, I found this company and bought the 300mg version of the cream. I then tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder--will have surgery in January--and it REALLY helps my shoulder when it's painful, especially at night. I actually find the slight odor pleasant and soothing, and it has a slight warming effect on my hands when I apply it to my shoulder, so I started using it on my hands for my arthritis. It helps everything I put it on. Be a bit careful, because it does have that residual warmth, and if I accidentally rub my eyes after applying it to another part of my body, I realize right away it was a mistake (nothing awful, but my eyes sting for a moment). Now I wash my hands after applying it, and all is good. THIS STUFF WORKS FOR ME as a topical! Ordering more right away!"
Kenn Rabin


CBD Tincture Oil

"My husband loves Tikva's Melatonin Tablets. Works like a dream! And I’m in love with the Tincture Oil. I’ve had both knees replaced and a couple of follow up surgeries to remove scare tissue. This oil totally takes the edge off my knee pain, and some days, I have no knee pain at all. Total game changer."
Terri C


CBD Tincture Oil

"I struggle a lot with anxiety and their tincture works quickly and effectively when I feel peaks of anxiety coming on. I've used it every day for the past couple of months and it works like a charm every time. I've also been using their cream and experience fast relief for aches and pains as well. The products are high quality and I'm so glad I found them!"
Cara T


CBD Relief Cream

"I’ve used your CBD Relief Cream for a number of injuries ranging from joint pain and fractures to mere muscle aches. I have had other experiences with THC-driven products and it seems one injured joint deserves another, which has provided me with opportunities to gain a healthy respect for this product. The results obtained by messaging it into the pain-affected areas have always left me with positive results. Unlike other topical applications for pain, the Tikva CBD Relief Cream provides relief that has enough staying power to facilitate getting to sleep with major injuries. I have not experienced any side effects. I would recommend the use of this product for athletes young and old alike, individuals with arthritis, or back pain. As I mentioned above the relief remains for some time, and greatly reduces the felt pain. Thank you, Tikva! "
Matt G


CBD Melatonin Tablets

"I've always had a tough time sleeping. For some reason I just can't shut my brain off at night when it's time to go to bed. I've used traditional melatonin tablets in the past, but I feel like my body grew immune to them and they are less effective. I decided to give the Tikva Melatonin CBD Tablets a shot since I felt like I had nothing to lose and I'm thankful every day. This is by far the most relaxed sleep I've ever gotten on a consistent basis. I didn't know what to expect when I tried this product because I've never been big on CBD, but I will continue to get this for a lifetime if it keeps providing me with the relaxation I feel from it."
John D.


CBD Melatonin Tablets

"I have had insomnia issues and horrible sleep patterns for years. Add to that the inconsistent schedule and often late hours as a massage therapist, nursing school, and night shifts as a new nurse. I have not slept well in years. I have tried several remedies, none have worked. This product, however, worked the from first night I took it. I fell asleep quickly and slept through the night. I'm even waking up before my 5am alarm now! (I'm totally not a morning person). I am absolutely amazed and excited about this product and already highly recommend it!"
Stephanie Matsunaga RN, CMT


CBD Melatonin Tablets

"I travel for a living, and it's hard to sleep with the stress traveling gives. The melatonin product is legit!! I'm able to relax and wake up for a full days of work. Highly recommend for sure.. Thanks tikva!"
Jake D.


CBD Oral Tablets

"Tikva is my go-to CBD oral tablets! I have been taking them now for about 6 months. I notice that my days are drastically different when I take this CBD product vs. days that I don't. I have a very long commute and highly stressful job, taking this CBD has been a game changer for me and fully makes me relax and unwind. I have tried other CBD products and they did not have the same effect, Tikva definitely knows what they are doing!"
Carrie N


CBD Relief Cream

"The best quality CBD Relief Cream I have ever used. I have cervical fusions and live with muscle spasms. Tikva CBD cream takes the spasms away more than any other CBD cream I have used. I like the fresh pleasant smell unlike some of the creams that smell like marijuana. I keep one in the car to use while driving and one in the house. Thank you Tikva CBD cream for improving my quality of life."
Steven K.

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Tikva Goes Beyond Current Standards

Tikva begins with sustainable full-spectrum hemp, ensuring the highest quality beginning with the plant itself.

Once a trusted and tested supply of raw materials is provided, Panaxia Pharmaceuticals uses a non-volatile ethanol to extract full-spectrum hemp oils rich in CBD and other beneficial minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

A world leader in research and development, Panaxia backs its proprietary formulas with extensive clinical trials produced under Good Manufacturing Practices to guarantee consistent results.

This partnership allows us to rely on the expertise and innovation of Panaxia, making Tikva virtually unmatched by anything else in the United States.