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Six important questions to ask your hemp CBD brand provider to make sure you are seeking the best option.

Tikva Goes Beyond Current Standards

Tikva begins with sustainable full-spectrum hemp, ensuring the highest quality beginning with the plant itself.

Once a trusted and tested supply of raw materials is provided, Panaxia Pharmaceuticals uses a non-volatile ethanol to extract full-spectrum hemp oils rich in CBD and other beneficial minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

A world leader in research and development, Panaxia backs its proprietary formulas with extensive clinical trials produced under Good Manufacturing Practices to guarantee consistent results.

This partnership allows us to rely on the expertise and innovation of Panaxia, making Tikva virtually unmatched by anything else in the United States.

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The Science Behind CBD

Learn how Tikva can add hope to your wellness routine

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Tikva Reviews

"I like knowing I can trust this product for consistent dose, and producing high quality products at a reasonable price. Many thanks to Tikva."
Caroline Bourcier, MSPT | Physical Therapist

"Tikva CBD with Melatonin is one of my go-to recommendations for clients with difficulty sleeping."
Kia Sanford, MS | Functional Clinical Nutritionist and Counselor

"I’m grateful to have effective, dose-specific products I can recommend, drop ship and get out to patients quickly to help them during times of need - even when I can’t see them in my office."
Amie Brooke, L.Ac. MSOM | Licensed Acupuncturist