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Tikva alleviates the concerns that you may have about introducing CBD to your patients.

Tikva products are clinically validated and consistently manufactured by Panaxia Pharmaceuticals to predetermined specifications, resulting in reliable solutions.

Bring the power of Tikva to your patients.

Why Tikva?

Effective pharmaceutical-grade relief in CBD has finally arrived to the U.S. Due to federal restrictions, U.S. cannabis and hemp companies are just starting to do high-level research and studies on their products. Tikva’s Israel-based manufacturer, Panaxia Pharmaceuticals, is already a decade ahead – leading the world in medical cannabis research, and making Tikva products virtually unmatched by anything else in the United States. 

Tikva products are manufactured in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliant, stabilized clean room environments under stringent guidelines and regulations typically required of FDA-regulated pharmaceutical companies. Panaxia has the clinical studies and data to support their claims. This data validating the absorption, distribution, and metabolism of Tikva products is based on Pharmacokinetic (PK) Studies performed by Panaxia in Israel.

To our knowledge, no CBD brand in the United States has conducted Pharmacokinetic studies on their products.

Panaxia exceeds U.S. CBD regulatory requirements by implementing stringent quality assurance protocols required of pharmaceutical medicines. Product testing is performed throughout the manufacturing process and the finished product is tested by a third-party laboratory, analyzing residual solvents, processing chemicals, and toxins,  in addition to the required microbial and cannabinoid analysis.

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Recent clinical studies

The science supporting Tikva products

Clinical Studies
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