We know what solutions you're looking for

We know you are looking for safe, effective, and consistent non-prescription solutions to support your overall wellness. 

We want to set a new bar in the CBD industry. By manufacturing our products to the same pharmaceutical standards as over the counter medicines, and creating formulations to genuinely help consumers with specific indications, we accomplish this.

Tikva is unlike any other CBD brand on the market due to our pharmaceutical DNA. All Tikva products are manufactured exclusively by Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries – a world renowned Israeli Pharmaceutical company. Panaxia has  over a decade of clinical research in medical cannabis. Thanks to their relentless emphasis on research and development, their entire group of companies offers more than 600 medical products in over 30 international markets to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. 

Why do we partner with an Israeli company? It was an Israeli scientist, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who first discovered THC, CBD, and the entire endocannabinoid system in the 1960’s. Since then Israel has been leading the world of medical cannabis research and product development.

Panaxia was the first company to be granted a license in 2009 by the Israeli Ministry of Health to conduct clinical research and make pharmaceutical cannabis products under stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.

Due to federal restrictions, U.S. cannabis and hemp companies are just starting to do high-level research and studies on their products. Panaxia is already a decade ahead, not only in product commercialization and clinical studies, but also on relevant data collection and insights from patients.



Panaxia, working in conjunction with the Israeli Ministry of Health, was the first global company to create a proprietary “Medical Cannabis Physicians Reference Guide,” for use by physicians and health care professionals.

In consultation with Panaxia, we have created a condensed version of this guide called the “Tikva Reference Guide,” which we have made available to the medical community and the general public in order to educate interested parties on the true science behind medical cannabis and hemp.

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This 70-page booklet is wholly unique in the industry. To download our digital version, fill out the form below! 

Trouble seeing the form? Send an email to info@tikvahealth.com and we’ll help you out!  

All Tikva products are made to strict pharmaceutical conditions and predetermined specifications. All Tikva products are safe, consistent, and most importantly – because of Panaxia’s reliance on science and research data to create indication-driven products – Tikva solutions are efficacious and properly dosed. 

Panaxia currently offers 32 different proprietary medical cannabis products in a variety of dosage forms and delivery methods covered by seven patents, and is continuously working to develop new, innovative products. 

Panaxia’s 10-year lead on U.S. cannabis companies makes Tikva products virtually unmatched by anyone else in the industry. 

What is GMP Manufacturing and why should it matter to you?

For patients, physicians, and caregivers, Panaxia’s manufacturing process allows for a level of product consistency and quality unparalleled in the current market.

The rules governing each industry may differ significantly; however, the main purpose of GMP is always to prevent harm from occurring to the end user. 

Additional tenets include ensuring the end product is free from contamination, manufacturing consistency, well-documented manufacturing, well-trained personnel, and quality checks throughout the manufacturing process — not just at the end phase. Even the primary and secondary packaging on all Tikva products are completed consistent with GMP requirements.

For patients, physicians, and caregivers, Panaxia’s manufacturing process allows for a level of product consistency and quality unparalleled in the current market.

The rules governing each industry may differ significantly.  However, the main purpose of GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) is always to prevent harm for the end user. Additional tenets include ensuring the absence of contamination, manufacturing consistency, well-documented manufacturing, well-trained personnel, and quality checks throughout the manufacturing process — not just at the end phase. Even the primary and secondary packaging on all Tikva products are completed consistent with GMP requirements.

Panaxia’s investment in leading-edge facilities allows them to create more precise measuring methods and production models accurate to the nanogram, helping them tailor dosage and delivery methods to effectively treat patients with a wide variety of indications effectively.

GMP is typically ensured through the effective use of a quality management system (QMS). These regulations have the force of law and require that manufacturers, processors, and packagers of drugs, medical devices, some food, and blood, take proactive steps to ensure their products are safe, pure, and effective. GMP regulations require a quality approach to manufacturing, enabling companies to minimize or eliminate instances of contamination and errors. The application of GMP to the production of cannabis/hemp products means you can be sure that what you are buying is safe to consume and consistent each time you buy it.

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Panaxia manufactures Tikva’s full-spectrum, USA-grown, THC-free (>0.3%) hemp CBD products in the United States at a GMP facility designed to the same standards as their laboratories in Israel. 


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Why is testing so important?

What matters most when selecting hemp are not buzzwords like “organic” and “all natural,” but rather the predetermined specifications that the hemp must meet to ensure product safety and efficacy.

We commit to the highest standards of integrity to protect consumers, ensuring our products are safe and evaluated against specific and measurable quality attributes. Panaxia has a pharmaceutical grade standard for our raw materials that is far more stringent than current USDA requirements – Tikva’s hemp must pass multiple lab tests on profile, potency, heavy metals, microbiological contamination, mycotoxins, pesticides, and foreign matter.

Not only do we conduct more testing than our competitors, but our specifications are also significantly more stringent in order to comply with pharmaceutical standards. For example, the USDA requires your total aerobic micro colony-forming units whereas our requirement for aerobic microbial count must be less than 10,000 colony-forming units.

State mandatory testing requires one cannabinoid potency test to verify that the product doesn’t exceed THC federal levels. We perform multiple cannabinoid potency tests to gather statistically significant data for analysis of possible contaminants and ensure product safety. 

How is Tikva manufactured?

Once we have tested the US grown hemp biomass to meet our predetermined quality specifications, CBD is extracted in a GMP cleanroom environment using non-volatile ethanol extraction – a safe extraction method that does not leave harmful residual solvents and chemicals like butane or CO2 extraction. 

Pre-mixed excipients that are formulated to enhance stability, bioavailability and delivery are sent from Panaxia’s GMP central production facility in Israel directly to Panaxia’s site in the US and are mixed with the full-spectrum CBD extract. Panaxia then manufactures all Tikva products using their patented and proprietary processes and formulations. 

Only after passing multiple internal tests and ensuring the product matches predetermined specifications are Tikva products sent to an ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited laboratory for mandatory microbial and potency testing. Though 3rd party testing is required for all CBD brands, ISO accredited laboratories are not.

All Tikva products are lot-track-traced with a batch and lot number on the bottom of the carton. To ensure safety and consistency, each product includes a batch specific Certificate of Analysis and accompanying QR code on the carton. 

Panaxia Pharmaceuticals and Tikva Quality Assurance Flow Chart

What makes Tikva’s product formulations special?

One of the most important aspects of an effective medicine is the mode of administration. Each mode, or delivery method, has specific purposes, advantages, and disadvantages. Tikva CBD Melatonin Tablet

Routes of administration greatly affect bioavailability by changing the number of biologic barriers a drug must cross or by changing the exposure of a drug to pumping and metabolic mechanisms (Bardal et al., 2011). Bioavailability is the proportion of a drug or other substance that enters the blood circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. It is essential for a medical product to have high bioavailability to ensure the API (“active pharmaceutical ingredient,” in this case CBD) achieves the desired goal and reaches the desired part of the body. Modes of administration include oral (tablets, capsules, chewables, liquids), injection, sublingual, rectal, vaginal, ocular, otic, nasal, topical, and inhalation.

Unlike other cannabis companies, Panaxia supports Tikva’s products with pharmacokinetic data to know how fast and how completely the API is absorbed into the body. Pharmaceutical formulation development is a crucial step to determine the optimal dosage, composition, and process to achieve a manufacturable, chemically and physically stable throughout the manufacturing process and product shelf life, and bioavailable (i.e., it must contain the exact amount of API in each dose that can be readily absorbed by the human body) product. Also, many quality standards and special requirements must be met to ensure the product’s efficacy and safety. 

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Panaxia currently holds seven patents on delivery methods and formulations.

Proprietary analytical methods allow Panaxia’s R&D team to specify and standardize up to nine components in Tikva products. They also can identify and quantify eleven major and minor cannabinoids, including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, CBC, THCV, delta-8-THC and 11-hydroxy-THC. Tikva products are always made from full-spectrum hemp extracts, not CBD isolates or broad-spectrum extracts. Our formulations maximize absorption and bioavailability, which leads to consistently increased efficacy. The main raw plant materials and formulation excipients were selected to synergistically facilitate the functioning of the dominant plant actives (CBD).

Because Panaxia conducts these studies, they can ensure each Tikva delivery method effectively and efficiently delivers the CBD where and when needed. For example, Tikva has three types of tablets: CBD Oral Tablets, CBD + Melatonin Tablets, and CBD + Myo-inositol tablets. Our tablets are formulated to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so the API (CBD) avoids the “first pass effect” (metabolism by the liver). These tablets are not gel-caps, which are what are most commonly used in the CBD industry – unless gel-caps have been specifically formulated to increase bioavailability, these capsules will not be absorbed as effectively as Panaxia’s specially formulated powder tablets.

Along with Pharmacokinetic studies, Panaxia performs stability testing on all Tikva products to ensure safety and verify shelf-life duration. Stability testing provides evidence on how the quality of a drug substance or drug product varies with time under the influence of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and light, and to establish a re-test period and shelf-life. These tests are essential in traditional pharmaceuticals, and they should be applied to medical hemp and cannabis products as well.

You may have noticed that some other products have higher quantities of CBD per milligram compared to Tikva products. This is because Tikva products are designed to be absorbed effectively, so we don’t need to hyper-concentrate our formulations.


The Endocannabinoid System

A high concentration cannabis oil product may say it has a high dose of CBD, but it could have very low bioavailability, making it less effective than a lower concentration oil with high bioavailability. From a pharmaceutical perspective, it is always recommended to start at the lowest dose and increase as needed. You should not be taking a higher dose than actually needed, which is often the case with these hyper-concentrated formulas. “Super-sized” high- dose oils are not necessarily more effective. A lower-dose product with higher bioavailability is more efficacious and better for you overall.

From a compliance standpoint, we have positioned our CBD products as dietary supplements in anticipation for when the FDA will designate CBD as such – while other brands will have to recall their products and re-design/re-print all their packaging to be compliant, Tikva has planned ahead in order to be one of the few brands that can remain on shelves when these new regulations commence, so you do not need to worry about inconsistent access or availability of Tikva products.