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Lewis Drug Store in 1944

Since the first store’s opening on February 10, 1942, the family-owned Lewis “Self-Service Drugstore” has been serving the community of South Dakota. Opening a family-owned store at the beginning of World War II wasn’t a “safe” prospect but it was one that radicalized the shopping experience by allowing customers to browse the products they wanted instead of asking for the pharmacist to procure each item. 

As the store’s success grew, the owners opened new locations with continually growing footprints. Today, Lewis has 59 stores located throughout South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. In addition to everyday basics, name brands, specialty items, and prescription medications, Lewis stores now carry Tikva! 

The residents of the area have been relying on Lewis for the last 78 years, and now they are bringing their customers the trusted relief of Tikva solutions! We are so proud to be carried in 11 of the Lewis Drug Stores, locations listed below.