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Tikva and Summertime

Summer is here! With more free time, and better weather around your neighborhood, there are some great ways for Tikva to support your physical and mental wellness during this season! 

Outdoor Exercise: 

Whether you’re an avid runner or you’re running to keep up with a toddler, chances are you know the importance of healthy joints! Support a wonderful summer and your muscles and joints with Tikva CBD Relief Cream in 100mg or 300mg formulations. 

Enjoying R&R: 

Make the most of your down time by supporting your mental wellness. Try the Tikva CBD Tincture Oil along with your favorite reclining chair or hammock for a great way to calm your mind and enjoy some time outdoors. 

Great Sleep in the summer heat:

Climbing temperatures and increased daylight hours can make sleep in the summer harder for some people. Support a healthy sleep cycle with Tikva CBD Tablets with Melatonin. Melatonin can support sleep regulation and may have synergistic effects when combined with CBD. 

Managing Your Plans: 

This summer is probably different than you expected, and there may be some unexpected anxieties in these trying times. Support your mental health with the calming relief of Tikva CBD Tablets with Myo-Inositol. Also known as Vitamin B8, this supplement influences serotonin and dopamine, and can support your overall sense of wellbeing. 

Whether your plans this summer include getting away or staying at home, Tikva CBD can support your overall wellness as you enjoy this season. Learn more about our products and how it can work with your life!