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Four Ways CBD and Working Out Go Hand in Hand

Women in park doing yoga with CBD cream nearby

Exercising is one of the unique activities that helps improve your health. Workouts help your body and mind. To maximize your fitness sessions every time, a great substance for you to take is CBD. When incorporated into your diet, it can support your fitness progress. 

If you’re wondering how then you’re in luck! We’ll explain how working out and CBD support can be beneficial through four key benefits to your workout routine.


How Does CBD Work?

CBD has been controversial for a number of years, but recently, enlightenment towards the benefits of CBD has allowed it to be used in the United States for its beneficial properties.

CBD has an effect on our bodies by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This interaction impacts several processes, such as maintaining homeostasis and improving mood.

How Do CBD and Workouts Go Hand In Hand?

CBD has numerous effects on the body throughout the course of one’s day, but during a workout, there are four specific ways it can be beneficial to your overall wellness goals. 

1. May reduce negative effects from working out

Part of what makes working out good for our bodies is the tension we put on it. Weights help increase the strength of our bones and recruit more of our cardiovascular system. While this has noted benefits, it can also cause mild discomfort or dull pain through the process. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for strong negative sensations in our bodies. The neurotransmitters CB1 and CB2 positively interact with the receptors in this system, causing them to work more effectively and more efficiently. 

 2. May help reduce high stress levels

According to The American Institute of Stress, 33% of people report feeling extreme stress, 77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health, and 73% have stress that impacts their mental health. 

An excellent way of helping reduce stress is by using CBD. This substance contains a lot of soothing properties and also interacts with the endocannabinoid system. As mentioned earlier, the endocannabinoid system is significantly involved in the mood-balancing and homeostasis processes.

Together with exercise, CBD can help your body move necessary hormones through your body, helping to boost your mood, soothe your nerves, and help control your anxiety. 

3. Can Help Correct Sleeping Issues and/or Disturbances

Facing difficulties in sleeping after your workout? 15% of people worldwide complain about not being able to sleep after working out at the gym. This is mainly because the body generates a lot of energy-inducing and feel-good hormones like endorphins and adrenaline during exercise. The accumulation of these hormones helps you feel more alert, which is terrible if you’re trying to sleep.

Luckily, many studies have proven that CBD tincture for sleep increases our state of calmness, helps tense muscles relax, and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you feel you cannot sleep after working out, just take some CBD. It’s also a good practice not to work out within two hours of bedtime, as it may contribute to insomnia. 

4. May Allow the Build-up of Endurance

Anyone who’s ever been winded after a run knows the importance of endurance. This coveted level of fitness takes time to achieve, which can cause discouragement in the fitness process. This is where CBD truly shines. 

CBD can act as an antispasmodic (McPartland, 2001; Brenneisen, 2007), suppressing the muscle strains and spasms that can discourage even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast. Additionally, it can lower blood pressure levels, allowing a greater length of workout time.

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Final Words

CBD has been used for overall wellness for millennia. It promotes good health and reduces discomfort. However, this resource is often misunderstood in relation to its fitness benefits. 

Have you tried incorporating CBD into your workout routine? If so, let us know what impact it had on you!