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Bedtime Bath Gift Set

The most relaxing combination from Tikva, ever! The Bedtime Bath gift set bundles together our lavender candle, CBD lavender bath bomb, CBD + Melatonin tablets, and our Tikva silk eye-mask. This is an ideal gift for the bath lover in your life that needs to unwind before bed and help get restful sleep. 

By combining our lavender candle and lavender bath bomb, you can receive the benefits of lavender essential oil and aromatherapy. Well-documented benefits include calming and stress relief and promoting restful sleep, which is why we use lavender in our sleep bundles! 

Health Benefits of Taking Baths: 

Taking a bath isn’t just fun, there are actually health and wellness benefits as well! After conducting a study, psychologist Neil Morris found that “baths give you…a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort.” – leading to a reduction in depressive mood and pessimism. The security and comfort baths induce all your mind and body to fully relax. 

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone created in the pineal gland and helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, which can be disrupted by factors from stress, insomnia, alcohol, or too much ambient light before bed (Piccirillo, 2007, Rupp, 2006, Jung, Y. & St. Louis, E.K., 2016). 

CBD can help ease away any stress or discomfort you may feel, leading to a relaxing and calming effect. You can refer to our list of clinical trials for more information on the benefits of CBD ( We created a natural, non-addictive sleep-aid by combining the relaxing effect of CBD with the sleep regulation of melatonin. 

Light can often impact your sleep cycle, and blocking out light is a great way to control your routine to ensure you get as many hours of sleep as needed without interruption. Eye-masks are a simple, effective, and easy way to get the blackout effect you need to improve your sleep

After lighting your lavender candle and taking your lavender and CBD infused bath, prepare for your restful evening by taking our CBD + Melatonin tablets 20 minutes before bedtime. Once in bed, put on your silk Tikva eye-mask and drift away into a blissful slumber! 

The most relaxing night ever is in your reach for only $43.75 – save 55% with this bundle, a $97.00 value!

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