Holiday 2021 Gift Sets

Revitalize Gift Set

Are you still recovering from your Thanksgiving festivities? Tikva has you covered! 

Enjoy the benefits of CBD in an energizing and refreshing bath with water infused with our CBD Eucalyptus Bath Bomb while our Tikva Eucalyptus Candle burns in the background. This energizing and refreshing combination is the perfect pick-me-up after a day of exertion, whether that’s preparing for a full schedule ahead or recovering from too much holiday fun! 

Why does Tikva combine CBD with Eucalyptus? 

CBD can provide full mind and body relief – helping ease away any stress or discomfort you may feel. You can refer to our list of clinical trials for more information on the benefits of CBD ( Eucalyptus essential oil and aromatherapy has numerous and well-documented benefits – including soothing respiratory issues, reducing inflammation in the joints and muscles, and rejuvenating and stimulating the immune system. 

Health Benefits of Taking Baths: 

Just when you thought taking a long hot soak was just for fun – there are actually health and wellness benefits to taking a bath! After conducting a study, psychologist Neil Morris found that “baths give you…a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort.” – leading to a reduction in depressive mood and pessimism. The security and comfort baths induce your mind and body to fully relax. Additional benefits of taking a bath include improving sleep, reducing muscle soreness through heat, and soothing skin. 

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