Holiday 2021 Gift Sets

Serenity Gift Set

A serene evening is just what you need during the hectic holiday season! Give your loved ones, (or even yourself!) the gift of serenity with Tikva’s CBD Lavender Bath Bomb and Lavender Scented Candle. 

CBD can help ease away any stress or discomfort you may feel, leading to a relaxing and calming effect. You can refer to our list of clinical trials for more information on the benefits of CBD (

Benefits of Lavender: 

Lavender essential oil and aromatherapy has numerous and well-documented benefits including calming and stress relief, promoting restful sleep, relieving upset stomach, and soothing anti-inflammatory properties.

Health Benefits of Taking Baths: 

Taking a bath does more than give you a spa experience. There are health and wellness benefits as well! Baths give you “isolation, quiet, and comfort” which can help change your mood and uplift your mental state. The comfort and security allow your mind and body to fully relax. Additional benefits include improving sleep, reducing muscle soreness, and soothing skin. 

By combining CBD with lavender essential oil in our bath bomb, along with lavender aromatherapy with our candle, you can experience the synergistic benefits of these beneficial ingredients and maximize your relaxation. 

Save 55% and get this bundle for only $18.90 – a $42.00 value!

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