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What are CBD Tablets with Melatonin?

Sleep is essential to our overall well-being.  When occasional stress or any number of life distractions cause you to wake up, it can have a broad impact on your health (Peri, n.d.).

People are starting to look to CBD for healthy sleep. There’s also growing evidence that CBD has a calming effect to support a healthy nervous system and promote restful sleep. (Shannon, MD, et. al, 2019).

Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD Tablet with Melatonin

Tikva’s Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD Tablets with Melatonin tablets combine CBD’s effects with melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle (“What Is Melatonin”, n.d.).  At night, melatonin production increases in response to the reduction in sunlight, essentially letting the body know that it’s time to go to sleep, then later decreases when the sun rises and it’s time to wake up. As a supplement, melatonin may be taken when regular sleep patterns are interrupted by jet lag or other life changes.

Each tablet has been formulated with 10 mg CBD from full spectrum hemp extract and three milligrams of melatonin to support healthy sleep and provide relief from occasional sleeplessness.  To take, adults simply swallow one tablet with a glass of water. The maximum recommended dose is up to three (3) tablets per day. Please refer to the product label for complete usage instructions.

Restful sleep is right around the corner with Tikva’s Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD with Melatonin tablets.

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