How To Use

What is CBD Relief Cream?

As more research has been done on the use of hemp for personal wellness needs, topical creams have emerged as an incredibly effective way to reap the soothing and stress calming benefits of this versatile plant.  Like typical body creams, Tikva’s CBD Relief Cream is applied externally to the body and has been infused with cannabinoid oils to provide soothing and calming relief to the chaos of daily life. When the cream is applied to skin you will begin to enjoy is skin-soothing and comforting benefits within minutes.

Tikva’s CBD Relief Cream offers soothing relief to nourish your skin using the power of CBD from hemp distillate when you need it most.

To use, simply clean and pat dry your body, then gently massage on the CBD Relief Cream as needed.  You should feel the Tikva effects within minutes after application.

CBD Relief Cream can be applied to the five times per day for a maximum of seven consecutive days.  People turn to soothing creams to soothe and calm their skin, body, and spirit multiple times per day.

Be sure to read the product label for complete instructions on use, and enjoy bringing Tikva into your wellness routine!

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