How To Use

What is Tincture Oil?

While hemp traces back thousands of years, Western exposure to the plant didn’t occur until two hundred years ago (Grinspoon, 2005). The initial way people used the hemp plant was in tinctures. 

Tinctures remain relevant today because the liquid format makes them easy to dose. After ingesting a dose of a tincture oil, it beings to go to work in the body within minutes in order for you to reap its health supporting benefits.

Tikva’s CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Tincture Oil can help provide the wellness benefits of CBD through an ingested oil that is flexible, discreet, and non-psychoactive.

As with other tinctures, adults can take 1-3 drops Tikva’s CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Tincture Oil as needed.

Tikva’s full-spectrum tincture is a safe, effective way to integrate CBD into your wellness regime.  Please read the product label thoroughly for complete instructions on usage, warnings, and limitations.

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